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PZ-7 Mud Pump


Long-term commitment to the development and manufacture of various drill pipes, casings, tubing power tongs and other wellhead tools and equipment for oil drilling and production. Has been formed including ZQ drill pipe power tong series, TQ casing power tong series, XSL turnbuckle faucet series, etc.

The company has developed a wide variety of mechanized wellhead tools for oil drilling and production with a full set of models, including more than 50 series and more than 100 models including ZQ drill pipe power tong series


Product description

The Low price Small mud pump is widely used in various engineering fields. In underground construction, it is used for foundation pit support and tunnel construction to transport mud to the construction site, help flush and cool the drill bit, and at the same time discharge the soil and cuttings from the formation.
In construction projects, mud pumps are used for cement grouting, strengthening, and repairing concrete structures. In geological exploration and soil drilling, it is used to flush drill bits, transport cuttings to the ground, and help a geological analysis. Additionally, in environmental engineering, mud pumps are used for groundwater level reduction, soil remediation, and disposal in underground landfills. In geothermal energy exploration, it is used in geothermal well drilling to deliver formation samples to the surface for analysis. The Best Small mud pump has become one of the indispensable equipment in various engineering projects due to its portability and efficiency.


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