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The company is one of the major power bases for oil drilling and workover in China.

Chairman’s Speech

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  How time flies! Rushi has gone through the course of 42 years. Following the steps of the times and profiting from the care and support of the society, customers and partners, our company has become a popular specialized vanguard in manufacturing mechanized oil wellhead drilling & extraction tools with the most varieties and fullest specifications from a small state-owned factory, China top 10 manufacturers of oil drilling and extraction tools, and China’s largest production base of wellhead power tongs by virtue of entrepreneurial spirit, pragmatic effort and united struggle.
  Thanks for all friends and partners who give us care and support. You witness our stable growth, and your constant support encourages us to devote to the mechanization of domestic oil drilling and extraction tools and to achieve leapfrog and stable development.
  Yesterday’s effort is today’s harvest, and future start. In the business concept of “People Orientation, Technology Leadership, Credit & Quality, Cooperation &Reciprocity” and the vision of “To Become a World-class Manufacturer of Oil Wellhead Drilling & Extraction Tools and Equipment”, our company is willing to cooperate with all friends and partners for a bright future.

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